colorful, candid, and creative.

Artistic and destination wedding photographer

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah


Lights, camera, action

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  If I had to describe myself in three words I would say  hopeless romantic, adventurer, and energetic. I've never been able to sit still. I have this constant hunger to travel and to meet new people, to create, and to learn. So naturally I gravitated to photography.  I've had a love for it since I took my first photography class in middle school.  It was just a hobby until my sweet husband told me to go for it. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this job.  My whole heart and soul go into this art. That being said if you're looking for the cheapest photographer I may not be the best choice for you.   Photos are an investment for something you'll have forever.  Those moments mean just as much to me as they do to you. I work tirelessly to capture and create exactly what you want.  If you're ready to hike a mountain just for that perfect location, laugh our heads off, and do anything to get "the shot" we will be a perfect fit. I don't just plan on being your photographer but your friend, your professional 3rd wheel, and any other role I may take on. I want to capture the moments that really show your relationship, your personalities, and your love.  I think anyone can take a photo but it takes more to turn a photo into a masterpiece. It is not just me in this process, it takes both of us to create the perfect image. You are part of the creative process.  Come as you are, I like the real raw stuff its the recipe for the perfect image.   So lets chat email me and we can get to know each other. I can't wait to hear your story.